Saturday, January 31, 2009

Marinated wings the big game

I love wings, probally next to pizza, just ask my wife. It is comfort food for my soul. Marinating is one of my favorite things to do with different types of meats, spices, sauces, BBQs, etc. I do find fried wings to be overrated, and actually enjoy them to be baked, grilled, or even seared in a pan, deglazed and finished in the oven with some added liquid for a nice natural stock. Grilling, on low heat, is a great method.

The dishwasher

"She is always there too help clean up."

Buffalo chicken sausage with spinach

Kristy made a great dinner this week with Buffalo chicken sausage. Not too spicy and very good with the pasta. She went to Trader Joes and bought some great stuff to try out.